“MINT”, which is a brand of Hun Perakende Enerji ve İnşaat A.Ş., was established in order to carry out development, construction and sales of real estate in the locations with high premium potential in the city center as of 2014. Controlling shareholders of MINT are Sefer Altıoğlu and Özgür Doğan.

Sefer Altıoğlu has been executing the duty of Chairman of the Board as of 2014 after 26 year experience in finance sector.

Özgür Doğan has been performing as General Director as of 2015.


To develop housing projects which are distinctive, innovative, urban regeneration-oriented at international standards in every aspect and raise awarenesses regarding legal rights of all right holders, primarily land owners and investors, thus eliminating unjust treatments,

To initiate dissemination of use of sun, wind and similar clean energy, primarily in its own city and projects devised by itself,

To carry out not only urban regeneration but also environmental transformation through a planning including its surrounding area considering urban transformation not as income, but as a duty.


To carry out our projects nationally and internationally by cooperating with an organization with international prestige.


To act as fair, transparent and modest against general public and related parties and fully comply with legal and ethic values.