Our conception of corporate responsibility is based on the following fundamental principles;

  • We, as MINT, have social and environmental responsibilities towards the public in all regions in which we have been active and we strive to fulfill these responsibilities with great care together with our employees, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and other shreholders.
  • We always carry out our business with environmental awareness by taking environmental impacts into consideration. We start by identifying any kind of improvement and development process in order to minimize environmental impacts of our business.
  • We are committed to provide support in order to increase environmental awareness by contributing to environment friendly procedures and developments beyond our Company’s legal obligations.
  • Social development is the main focus in our conception of corporate social responsibility principle at MINT. In line with this principle, we ensure our employees to participate in social and communal activities on a voluntary basis.
  • It is considerably significant for us to ensure that our partners, primarily our suppliers act within the framework of social responsibility principles.
  • We are sensitive towards the culture and traditions of our country and abide by all laws and act accordingly.
  • We promote international standards and implementations to be regarded as the fundementals of our activities and to be certificated accordingly.