We, as MINT, pursue a policy which is respectful to human and environment, appreciates its employees and customers, aimed at using resources efficiently through its innovative vision.

Our company is creating a working environment complying with the quality standard by paying maximum attention to the occupational health safety. We respond to the requirements of our employees in the fastest way and develop ourselves and improve constantly in order to use labor force efficiently and productively.

Our target is to gain labor force which is suitable for corporate values and culture and which comprises of qualified people loving and adopting their jobs and who are able to carry out efficient activities.

We aim to increase the performance of our employees through trainings in various fields and be able to guide them in career planning by improving their knowledge and skills.


  • To create qualified labor force and offer qualified service to our customers with constructive results,
  • To support our employees through training programs aiming to acquire knowledge, skill, good attitude and behavior and provide means to their continuous development,
  • To develop management system for maximum benefit with procedure and systems improving quality through personal performance and team performance,
  • To offer distinguished and qualified service by adopting a customer-focused service approach,
  • To create career management system and offer career development opportunities by considering the present and the future in order to provide a qualified and safe workplace environment for our employees,
  • To keep organizational structures dynamic and ensure them to be ready for changes in line with strategic plan and targets of our company,
  • To try and create a workplace environment that adopts a positive discipline, confidence and a value-oriented culture in which employees are able to work with pleasure,
  • To ensure the establishment of a corporate culture and awareness in which innovation and creativity are promoted,
  • First to respect people and then nature by focusing on providing occupational health and safety and protecting our natural environment in our business activities, to develop systems with the aim of preventing occupational accidents, to give particular importance to occupational health and safety and environment factor in our all projects,
  • To perpetuate loyalty to the principles of objectivity, sensitivity and justice, to ensure directors and employees to execute human resources implementations cooperatively.


 Recruitment and Settlement 
 Training and Development 
 Performance Management and Career Planning 
 Management Systems 
 Social Responsibility