Corporate Responsibility
Our Corporate Responsibility Principles
Our corporate responsibility approach is based on the following basic principles;
  • As MINT, we have social and environmental responsibilities towards society in all regions where we operate; together with our employees, the public, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders, we endeavor to meet these responsibilities with great care.
  • In all our activities, we take environmental effects into consideration and act with environmental awareness.
  • In order to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, we start by identifying any areas for improvement and/or development.
  • In addition to legal obligations, we are committed to providing support to the processes that raise awareness towards the environment and contribute to the promotion of environmental issues by providing value to environment-friendly developments.
  • In our understanding of MINT’s corporate social responsibility principle, social development is the main focus. In this respect, many of our employees participate in environmenta and social activities on a voluntary basis.
  • We attach importance to all our business partners, especially our suppliers, to act within the framework of these social responsibility principles.
  • We act in accordance with the culture and traditions of our country, by respecting and abiding by all applicable laws.
  • We encourage our company to be based on international standards and practices and to certify it accordingly.
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