Our valuable investors, business partners and precious employees;

We, as MINT, are working to develop innovative urban regeneration projects at international standards through our fair, transparent and modest identity in order to provide permanent profits to our country by making differences.

We believe that MINT which we put into practice to perform development, construction and sales of real estate in 2014 will be remembered with the sentence of “Fortunately, MINT has come to our street” in every region where it has developed a project. MINT aims to produce cost minimizing buildings with projects carried out in the city center, integrate renewable energy systems in the projects and not only that but also convey clean energy to the streets and public buildings in that region, contribute to the improvement of the region and the street, foster social life and create human oriented safe living spaces.

MINT will produce efficient flats at sustainable standards based on the requirements of the dynamic population in big cities. We demand to introduce MINT brand to the international arena by producing flats internationally with our strategic prestigious business partners which we will acquire in the medium and long term, thus bringing our country foreign currency.

In line with these purposes, we have entered 2017 with three different projects with the excitement of completing and delivering MINT Kağıthane, our first gift to our Country and investor in a short period of ten months.

We thank you all for being a part of MINT Family. We believe that we will also earn new achievements by producing together in the future and work with might and main to develop our endavour to which we set out together.

Sincere Regards and Yours Respectfully,